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First and foremost, couples therapy does not mean you’ve failed in your relationship.

The opposite actually; you are working towards healthy communication and improving the romantic connection between the two of you. Couples Therapy is for partners who are stuck in a destructive pattern but want to work towards repairing the interactions between themselves. 

Why couples may seek out Couples Therapy. 

  • Communication struggles

  • Disproportionate fighting over minor issues 

  • Differences in parenting styles

  • Core values

  • Affairs

  • Lack of romance in the relationship.  

Admitting therapy could be beneficial to your relationship is hard. Bringing a counselor into your relationship is intimidating! The goal is helping each partner feel more confident in expressing their needs. Couples learn how to relate in different ways through specific exercises and enhanced communication skills as they work towards creating safety and nurturing a loving relationship that works for both partners.

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